Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day Three Londolozi Lions & Leopards

Lioness-Tsala-pride-hunting-SouthAfricaAfternoon drive onto neighboring Singita's property to view part of the Tsala pride of lions. Their beautiful color in the sunlight blends with the surrounding barren trees and tawny colored rocks scattered on the ground. When the lionesses rest their heads it is difficult to spot them. The Zebras and wildebeests walking close in front of them are unaware of their presence.
 We watch the pride rest and stretch as they move in closer for the kill awaiting the light of day to be lost behind the mountain range in the distance. The darkness of the night adds another advantage to the big cats element of surprise.

leopard - night safari
 Adam and Solley receive word that a leopard from the western region of Sabi Sands rarely seen has been sighted nearby. With the sun almost set and the cool moist air beginning to set in the jeep takes off chasing the tracks and movement of this elusive leopard called Kashane. We follow closely as he finally becomes more relaxed just beside the jeep. Shortly something startles Kashane and he takes off. His keen senses alerted him to the presence of a predator- not just one but three hyenas. He knew this could mean trouble.

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