Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hyena Pups and Mother & Baby White Rhino

hyena pups

Hyena pups staying close to home  as instructed by mom. They begin to stir and stand at attention as they hear her footsteps nearing the den. The pups curled and played with each other as all baby creatures do.

White Rhino

A member of our group requested Rhino...and as usual never promised but always delivered..Tracker Solley points in the distance way far away on a green hilltop "there is a rhino-let's hope she is not with a baby because they are very protective and will probably run from the vehicle". Our good fortune as we cam upon the hillside and I was finally able to make out what Solley clearly saw was a Rhino-were a White mother rhino and her baby. A little timid at first hiding behind a tree and the mother rhino always remaining between her baby and the vehicle slowly allowed her baby to become visible to our vehicle. How prehistoric they look in their hide of armor.

vervet monkey
A curious little visitor that frequents Londolozi. He looked on from a tree, this little playful vervet monkey while I cooled off in my private plunge pool.

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