Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Typical Day In the African Bush Londolozi Day 2

Five am wake up call...a quick cup of coffee on the founders deck overlooking the Sand River. The sun is just peaking through the cool morning air. 

Our first sighting of the morning-a baby elephant
her family crossing the road . She's imitating her mom
raising her trunk and flapping her ears trying to scare us off.

 This is what I call too far away to capture-in the distance was a pride of lions on neighboring Mala Mala property. If you look between the branches you can just barely make out the shapes of their large manes. These three male lions were warming their full bellies on the warm heat of the runway...SO off we went in search of whatever the wild had to show us.


 Just after our ranger told us it is rare to see giraffe in the area we see a giraffe in the distance..not just one but 8 or 9 of all different ages and sizes coming to the water for a drink. To see a giraffe part his legs and lower his head to drink is amazing.

Tracker Sulley spots 3 hyenas running along side the road capturing his attention in the distance. Had this not alerted us to stop we might have missed this beautiful leopard in the bright sunshine. A very special leopard-Dudley Riverbank Female- a descendant of the first Londolozi leopard dating back to 1978. Her ears tattered from years of battle and playful cubs.leopard

Me and Ranger Adam Bannister- morning coffee break

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