Saturday, October 6, 2012

Leopards of The Sabi Sands-Ulusaba Day 2

The Sabi Sands is known for the density of wildlife. The big cats are my favorite. The rangers and the trackers follow subtle signs to track these solitary big cats. Sometimes the tracks are obvious-well a track of something is obvious but, they can tell the type of animal, whether it's a cat , what type of cat, the direction it was heading and approximately how long ago. This under dry conditions when the cats are using the sandy clay roads. Sometimes their difficult job becomes even more challenging if perhaps it rained during the night. With all of that it would seem unlikely to spot these shy big cats and yet I think I am six for six. Day six I see my sixth leopard. These are number five and number six. As you see there are some things that distinguish them from each other. The way the professionals distinguish them is the number of spots on the the upper row beneath their nose-it's like a finger print.

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leopard- safari- africa



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