Saturday, October 6, 2012

Coalition of Three-Ulusaba Sabi Sands Day 2

 After rough ride around what felt like the entire reserve -(there is no map quest when navigating these roads-"turn left at the jackleberry tree and then a right at the termite mound three male lions are hanging around the hippo pool you know the one) we come upon this jaw dropping view. Ranger Sean and tracker James asked what was on my list of things I wished to see. Just as I requested upon my arrival "I would love to see male lions- male lions drinking at a watering hole would be great." Seriously perfect. They can't promise but amazingly there they were. Photography tip-always be ready or the moment may be gone. The photograph above was from the second we pulled onto the site. Less than 10 seconds later he was on the move. One was drinking, the other was resting in the shade of nearby tree. Next thing you know they are on the move as shown below. Two vehicles take turns being in prime positions for the perfect shot like this. We follow behind them , then in front of them as they take the road and we take the bumpy ride and cut through the bush(there is a lot of ducking going on. We sit awaiting the three to reunite. Pictures can't capture what it was like to be the ones along side these large beautiful male lions as they rub heads as they come together for a brief moment before they continue on their hunt for lunch or perhaps the perfect resting place during the heat of the midday sun.
male lions south africa

male lions

male lions

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  1. I LOVE these pictures, I think my favorites of yours so far! These guys are gorgeous.